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Why I Haven’t Posted Lately: PART 2

Sigh. I really am awful at keeping up with schedules I come up with for myself. Again, I sincerely apologize for not having posted for the past 11 days (even more than last time). I have been busy. I have had a schedule... Continue Reading →


Why I Haven’t Posted Lately

Hi, guys! Sorry I haven't posted for the past week. Last week just wasn't the best of weeks for me. It was pretty terrible, actually—stress and emotion-wise. I had one big thing that I was really stressing for, then once... Continue Reading →

Inspiration, where are you?

Sorry I haven't posted in two days. I'm just really not feeling the inspiration lately. 😦 Normally, I take a look at the daily prompt and immediately have an idea, or at least a thought slowly sinks into my mind.... Continue Reading →


As we all know, many phrases we say mean the complete opposite of what they sound like. A lot of the following translations are true. Some are sometimes true. And a few are just random, so don't take this too... Continue Reading →


Sorry I haven't been posting much these past two days. I normally post every day, but this has been a really busy and hectic week for me. Whew. Thank goodness it's almost over. I still have to get through tomorrow,... Continue Reading →

Judgment Day Is Every Day

No matter how "perfect" we try to be, people will judge us. No matter what we do, people will judge us. People will criticize us. They will tell us we are wrong. That we're not doing something the right way. That... Continue Reading →

Just Say Hi

Just say hi. Offer one smile. Maybe you don't know the person, or maybe you normally don't speak to that person, but it doesn't mean you can't say hi. A simple "hi" or "hello" could brighten anyone's day. Just one... Continue Reading →


I've met so many people in my life that I'm bound to not remember them all. So, sometimes I forget who someone is. And they say: "Hey! It's good to see you again!" I don't know what to do. Do... Continue Reading →

The Holocaust

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I just wanted to tell you guys my feelings about what happened. These are just my opinions—and basically a stream of consciousness of what I think. I cannot fathom how people could possibly deny that... Continue Reading →

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