If we’re talking about thinking or contemplating—I’m the person you should go to. I spend so much time thinking that many tell me I think too much. Which I do.

So, sometimes my thoughts can take me to interesting places.

And today I want to talk about two specific thoughts my mind wanders to.

1: What is the point of our existence?

2: Why am I conscious of being myself, and you conscious of being yourself? 

Let’s start with number 1. I know that is a depressing question, but I really do wonder. Of course, we exist to help each other, we exist to be happy… Among many other reasons. But, really, why are human beings on the planet Earth? Why do we live and breathe and then die? (Don’t say it’s the Circle of Life.) I mean as in the true reason behind humans being alive.

We don’t exist to make Earth and the universe better because really, we aren’t. In fact, we’re doing the exact opposite. We have polluted the Earth, killed off species, (possibly) caused global warming, and done so many other terrible things. So, we are no help for the Earth. We have sent space debris off into who-knows-where in the galaxy. We are no help for the universe either. And I do not want to say the point of our existence is to destroy the world. But it sure seems that way.

One day, the human race will cease to exist. So I don’t want to say we exist to make history either because one day there will be no one left to remember us.

I’m not trying to put down every human (because am a human), but I’m just thinking and wondering. What do you think?

On to number 2. This is an odd question. And possibly a question you did not understand at first. When I say “why am I conscious of being myself and you conscious of being yourself,” I mean: why do I have my thoughts and you have yours? Why am I not aware of what you’re thinking?

Why is Jim aware that he is Jim? Why is Tina aware that she is Tina? Why is Tina not aware she is Jim? Why is Jim not aware that he is Tina?

Why are we only conscious of being ourselves?

I hope you get what I’m saying. Perhaps all those questions have just confused you further.

But, if you know what I’m getting at, then think about it. And hopefully you’ll come up with an answer. (If so, please let me know. I have yet to come up with one.) Perhaps you’ll say it’s science: we all have our brains, and that’s why we know we’re ourselves. But I’m talking about consciousness. (I’m only making this more complicated, aren’t I?)

If you have thought these two things—or one of these things—through, then let me know. I’m really curious as to what you guys think.