Just say hi.

Offer one smile.

Maybe you don’t know the person, or maybe you normally don’t speak to that person, but it doesn’t mean you can’t say hi.

A simple “hi” or “hello” could brighten anyone’s day. Just one smile could make someone happier. You would seem like a much warmer person, making you more likable.

Or, even just one hi could be the start of a friendship or something more.

Sometimes one word—one smile—can help someone.

If we are going to get more serious here, I have an example. This is not the exact wording, but a person once left a note: If one person smiles at me, I won’t jump.

I won’t say what happened, but I’m sure you get it from the context.

So, even something as small as saying hello could have a positive effect on someone.

Say hello. Be someone’s ray of sun in a cloudy day.