Now, my favorite songs change a lot. But, these songs are my current favorites. These songs aren’t in any particular order—I can’t choose between them.

1. Je t’Adore by Eurielle 

This beautiful song is sung entirely in French which makes it all the more exquisite. It gives off a soft and alluring feeling. Though I don’t understand the French, I think that makes the song even more beautiful to me. I would rather not know the translation because the words cannot be truly translated, as some words just have no translation in the English language and I think the lyrics should be preserved in their original language.

2. Dynasty by MIIA

The meaning behind the song is sad, but it is still beautiful. This song makes me think about relationships, love, and just life in general. Though the melody is melancholy in a way, it evokes a hopeful feeling as well. I absolutely love the melody. ❤

3. All the King’s Horses by Karmina 

This song is so powerful—in a build up sort of way. And it definitely fits in a fantasy movie (or for a fantasy book). But you can also interpret is metaphorical. Which leads to the next song…

4. Ringleader by The Madison Letter

This song sounds more upbeat than the other songs on this list. And, in a way, it is. But it is also one giant metaphor about life. It talks about the hardships, experiences, happiness life brings.

5. This Is the Hunt by Ruelle

The melody of this song is haunting which makes it beguiling. I love the mysterious feeling it gives off. It draws you in. 

 Now, just because my descriptions and explanations for the songs following “Je t’Adore” are shorter does not mean they are not as amazing. I think all the songs are fantastic on this list, so you must listen to all of them (don’t worry—no pressure). 🙂