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March 2017

Why I Haven’t Posted Lately: PART 2

Sigh. I really am awful at keeping up with schedules I come up with for myself. Again, I sincerely apologize for not having posted for the past 11 days (even more than last time). I have been busy. I have had a schedule... Continue Reading →


Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Like in the prompt, I travelled to Victoria Peak as well.  

Our Existence

If we're talking about thinking or contemplating—I'm the person you should go to. I spend so much time thinking that many tell me I think too much. Which I do. So, sometimes my thoughts can take me to interesting places.... Continue Reading →

Why I Haven’t Posted Lately

Hi, guys! Sorry I haven't posted for the past week. Last week just wasn't the best of weeks for me. It was pretty terrible, actually—stress and emotion-wise. I had one big thing that I was really stressing for, then once... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favorite Songs

Now, my favorite songs change a lot. But, these songs are my current favorites. These songs aren't in any particular order—I can't choose between them. 1. Je t'Adore by Eurielle  This beautiful song is sung entirely in French which makes... Continue Reading →

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