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January 2017

Don’t Be Afraid

Don't be afraid. That's my mantra. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Then: everything is okay, everything is okay, everything is okay.  This prompt really hit close to home because when I was younger, I was so afraid to speak... Continue Reading →


Strangers With Memories

When I was younger, I became extremely close with someone in the after-school program I attended. K (that's what we're calling my friend) was a year older, but it felt as if we were the same age because we did... Continue Reading →

The Sun

i look up it hurts my eyes it's so bright it hurts so much i blink and see spots it's hot under the light i stand under it longer it burns i feel my arms they sting what is it?... Continue Reading →

The 8 Roosters

Happy Lunar New Year! This flash fiction story was inspired by the Year of the Rooster. Hope you enjoy! 🐓 There were once 8 roosters painted on 8 posters. "Why is everyone staring at us?" said Rooster #1. "I have... Continue Reading →

The Holocaust

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I just wanted to tell you guys my feelings about what happened. These are just my opinions—and basically a stream of consciousness of what I think. I cannot fathom how people could possibly deny that... Continue Reading →


Simplicity is the key. That's what I find myself constantly saying. Of course, complex writing and stories are different, but a lot of times, simple is better. Don't overthink things. If you think too much, sometimes it might hurt you.... Continue Reading →

3 Witches and 1 Escapee

"Ah! I got it!" said Cindy. "Got what?" said Witch #1. "A portal!" said Cindy. "A portal where?" said Witch #2. "A portal in my pocket!" said Cindy. "A portal in your pocket?" said an incredulous Witch #3. "Yes!" said Cindy. "Don't... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Past Self

Dear ten-year-old me,  First things first: Never stop dreaming.  You might lose sight of dreams in the future, stuck in reality. Reality is the truth, but dreams come true too. Now. On to the less serious topics. I really had time... Continue Reading →

Leo (inspired by This Savage Song)

How could you Why would you Relinquish Your happiness Your life Your humanity Your soul   Was it worth Sacrificing Yourself Was it worth Becoming Cold Emotionless Cruel   Was it worth Becoming A Killer   You used to see... Continue Reading →

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