No matter how “perfect” we try to be, people will judge us. No matter what we do, people will judge us.

People will criticize us. They will tell us we are wrong. That we’re not doing something the right way. That we should change.

We should only change for ourselves. We should only change because we want to change. We should only change if we want to improve ourselves. And we do. Every day.

But it’s never enough.

We judge others too. We criticize them, just as they criticize us. It is what we do.

And we deal with it. We’ve gotten used to it, at least some of it.

But maybe instead of focusing on the flaws of others, we should focus on our own flaws. Try to better ourselves so we can live better, happier lives. I’m not saying flaws are terrible. Everyone has them. It’s what defines us as human beings.

So instead of putting others down, maybe we should just focus on ourselves. Because if we do that, everyone’s lives will be better. Everyone will be happier.