– fear is just another reason to try harder –



Our Existence

If we're talking about thinking or contemplating—I'm the person you should go to. I spend so much time thinking that many tell me I think too much. Which I do. So, sometimes my thoughts can take me to interesting places.... Continue Reading →


Decisions, Decisions

Does anyone else have trouble making decisions? Oddly, for (some of) the big, important decisions, I seem to be able to come up with an answer easily enough. Then, I come face to face with small decisions and get stuck.... Continue Reading →

Music (Part 2)

Sometimes the right music can help you get through any situation. Music with rhythm can really get a person through a workout. Or it can get a person dancing. I've discovered recently that many songs with rhythm help me get through... Continue Reading →


I, for one, am not very good at holding grudges. In fact, the only real grudge I've held was against one person (I don't want to get into it—it's a long story). Well, that grudge lasted a year, which is officially the... Continue Reading →


We all have lukewarm feelings for someone, right? Or lukewarm friends? I have lukewarm feelings towards a cousin (as in we're kind of friends, but only kind of.) I've got a bunch of lukewarm friends. (You know, the kind of... Continue Reading →

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