– fear is just another reason to try harder –



The Matchmaker

Tilly loved setting up her friends and clients. Just these past two weeks, she'd set up her friend Margaret with a man from Margaret's workplace (how Margaret hadn't known he was interested was beyond her), her friend Karlie with her own... Continue Reading →

Mr. Serious

"Why are you always so serious, Mr. Serious?" said Cindy. "Because seriousness is what gets me through life," said Mr. Serious. "Why is that?" said Cindy. "Because jokes do not do anything. Being serious does." "Yes they do," said Cindy. "They diffuse your... Continue Reading →

The Tiny Giant

There was once a tiny giant. He was always alone. Always sad. Compared to the other giants, he was practically the size of an ant. His mother still loved him, but his father thought of him as a disappointment. "How... Continue Reading →

The 8 Roosters

Happy Lunar New Year! This flash fiction story was inspired by the Year of the Rooster. Hope you enjoy! 🐓 There were once 8 roosters painted on 8 posters. "Why is everyone staring at us?" said Rooster #1. "I have... Continue Reading →

3 Witches and 1 Escapee

"Ah! I got it!" said Cindy. "Got what?" said Witch #1. "A portal!" said Cindy. "A portal where?" said Witch #2. "A portal in my pocket!" said Cindy. "A portal in your pocket?" said an incredulous Witch #3. "Yes!" said Cindy. "Don't... Continue Reading →

Shattered Serenity

There’s always that one moment in your life when you feel at peace, like everything in the world is suddenly right. Then, imagine that moment being completely shattered when you suddenly collapse onto the ground feeling so much pain that... Continue Reading →


The last rays of sun disappeared, leaving a starless and moonless night in its place.         One by one, the people of the city went to bed, turning off lights and lamps and putting out candles, leaving a shroud of... Continue Reading →

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