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February 2017

How My Blog’s Name Came to Be

Thanks to Liz C., my creative dry spell has temporarily ended. She suggested that I do the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. I know the challenge is almost over, if not over already by now, but I'm just going to... Continue Reading →


Inspiration, where are you?

Sorry I haven't posted in two days. I'm just really not feeling the inspiration lately. 😦 Normally, I take a look at the daily prompt and immediately have an idea, or at least a thought slowly sinks into my mind.... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions

Does anyone else have trouble making decisions? Oddly, for (some of) the big, important decisions, I seem to be able to come up with an answer easily enough. Then, I come face to face with small decisions and get stuck.... Continue Reading →

The Never-ending Story

I was sitting here thinking of what to write, attempting to come up with a story. Then, I thought: Why write the entire story myself? Lo and behold, this idea came to me. I have seen others do this: One person... Continue Reading →

Music (Part 2)

Sometimes the right music can help you get through any situation. Music with rhythm can really get a person through a workout. Or it can get a person dancing. I've discovered recently that many songs with rhythm help me get through... Continue Reading →

Secret Door

When I was much, much younger, I "discovered" a "secret" door in my house. I thought I was so smart and mysterious—so much so that I told my cousin of my amazing discovery, saying how no one else knew about... Continue Reading →



Sometimes the blurring of a background could really help you focus on the main point in a photo. Blur


As we all know, many phrases we say mean the complete opposite of what they sound like. A lot of the following translations are true. Some are sometimes true. And a few are just random, so don't take this too... Continue Reading →

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