– fear is just another reason to try harder –



Don’t You See?

Don't you see what is happening? Don't you know what is wrong? Don't you hear the screaming and pleading?  Don't you taste the desperation? Don't you smell the fear?  Aware


Cold Days

"It's so cold, Mommy. Where are we going to go?" "We'll just wait it out." "But Mommy, it's so cold." "Look. Look at the snow. Isn't it pretty?" "It's pretty, Mommy. But why is it so cold?" "Because it's winter. Look... Continue Reading →


It eats me up inside Why her?  Why not me? What has she done that I haven't? What must I do? Please Choose me too Look at me Look We're the same I can do just as well I can... Continue Reading →

My Fault

I never meant for this to happen I thought things would be okay I never knew the of the pressure it would bring I never knew of the crushing weight I never knew it would swallow me drown me strangle... Continue Reading →


I don't know where to begin. It's complicated. I'm not worthy. I am surrounded by it. But I didn't always appreciate it. And I regret that. * There are times when we are happy together. There are times when we are not.... Continue Reading →

A Clean Slate

I am different now I have changed I am a better me I have cut my hair I have let go  I have allowed my past experiences to shape me I have started anew * You Don't Know Me Clean


Just a little more. Only for a bit longer.  I have time.  * It's so hard. It's not my fault. I can't.  * I'm trying. I'm getting there. I can.  Resist

The Sun

i look up it hurts my eyes it's so bright it hurts so much i blink and see spots it's hot under the light i stand under it longer it burns i feel my arms they sting what is it?... Continue Reading →

Leo (inspired by This Savage Song)

How could you Why would you Relinquish Your happiness Your life Your humanity Your soul   Was it worth Sacrificing Yourself Was it worth Becoming Cold Emotionless Cruel   Was it worth Becoming A Killer   You used to see... Continue Reading →

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