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The Never-ending Story

I was sitting here thinking of what to write, attempting to come up with a story. Then, I thought: Why write the entire story myself? Lo and behold, this idea came to me. I have seen others do this: One person... Continue Reading →

Cold Days

"It's so cold, Mommy. Where are we going to go?" "We'll just wait it out." "But Mommy, it's so cold." "Look. Look at the snow. Isn't it pretty?" "It's pretty, Mommy. But why is it so cold?" "Because it's winter. Look... Continue Reading →


The last rays of sun disappeared, leaving a starless and moonless night in its place.         One by one, the people of the city went to bed, turning off lights and lamps and putting out candles, leaving a shroud of... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

I am currently suffering through writer's block. And it's terrible. Usually I have ideas for stories popping up in my head all the time, then all I have to do is write them now or type them up and the... Continue Reading →

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