Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I just wanted to tell you guys my feelings about what happened. These are just my opinions—and basically a stream of consciousness of what I think.

I cannot fathom how people could possibly deny that the Holocaust ever happened. There are photos, videos, documents on the Holocaust. And many of them contain horrible, incredibly sad images of people who were starved up to the point that they were practically skeletons, who were shoved in ovens, who were crammed in such tiny and dismal “living quarters.” There was manipulation. There was bloodshed. Yet, others still say the Holocaust never occurred.

Hitler had so many followers. He was, what we would call now, a psychopath. Charismatic, determined, and twisted. He had his ideas, and he willed everyone around him to believe his words. He took the Jews, the disabled, disbelievers—anyone who he thought to be different or he felt did not belong, and bunched them together, turning them into the scapegoats. He thought he could create a perfect utopia where only people he felt belonged would be. He wanted to be an artist, originally. He should have stuck with that.

Humans can easily be desensitized. We can easily be coerced into thinking a certain way, convinced that we don’t feel any emotion towards something as horrific as killing for no reason. But, as we saw, though many soldiers and Nazi leaders killed enough that they felt no empathy towards their victims and no disgust, their minds still could not take it. Many ended up in hospitals because of their unstable mental conditions.

I’m not going to continue any more because if I did, this post would be quite lengthy.

Also, I certainly am not an expert on the Holocaust at all. I just want people to aware of what happened during the Holocaust so this doesn’t happen again. There should be no filter between us and the truth. The truth is harsh, but it is the truth.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.