– fear is just another reason to try harder –

Music (Part 2)

Sometimes the right music can help you get through any situation. Music with rhythm can really get a person through a workout. Or it can get a person dancing. I've discovered recently that many songs with rhythm help me get through... Continue Reading →


Secret Door

When I was much, much younger, I "discovered" a "secret" door in my house. I thought I was so smart and mysterious—so much so that I told my cousin of my amazing discovery, saying how no one else knew about... Continue Reading →



Sometimes the blurring of a background could really help you focus on the main point in a photo. Blur


As we all know, many phrases we say mean the complete opposite of what they sound like. A lot of the following translations are true. Some are sometimes true. And a few are just random, so don't take this too... Continue Reading →


Sorry I haven't been posting much these past two days. I normally post every day, but this has been a really busy and hectic week for me. Whew. Thank goodness it's almost over. I still have to get through tomorrow,... Continue Reading →


I, for one, am not very good at holding grudges. In fact, the only real grudge I've held was against one person (I don't want to get into it—it's a long story). Well, that grudge lasted a year, which is officially the... Continue Reading →

The Matchmaker

Tilly loved setting up her friends and clients. Just these past two weeks, she'd set up her friend Margaret with a man from Margaret's workplace (how Margaret hadn't known he was interested was beyond her), her friend Karlie with her own... Continue Reading →

Mr. Serious

"Why are you always so serious, Mr. Serious?" said Cindy. "Because seriousness is what gets me through life," said Mr. Serious. "Why is that?" said Cindy. "Because jokes do not do anything. Being serious does." "Yes they do," said Cindy. "They diffuse your... Continue Reading →

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