Thanks to Liz C., my creative dry spell has temporarily ended. She suggested that I do the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. I know the challenge is almost over, if not over already by now, but I’m just going to pick and choose prompts from it.

So, I chose the first prompt because I think you guys should know why I chose the name of my blog.

Well, if you’ve read my About page, then you should know that I’m an avid reader. When I was trying to come up with the name of my blog, I was reading the book Everblaze by Shannon Messenger (I am not ashamed of reading a juvenile fiction book—sometimes you learn a lot from reading them 🙂 ).

There was a specific line that included the phrase “sparks before the blaze” and it really resounded with me.

So, the name “sparksbeforetheblaze” was born!


I think it really reflects the reader aspect of myself. Plus, the name really gets you thinking. You can interpret it in any way—as in the calm before the storm, or at least in that sense.

But, I think the words represent creativity and are meaningful—I can’t exactly explain the feeling the phrase gives me, but I just love the name.

How did your blog’s name come to be?