Does anyone else have trouble making decisions?

Oddly, for (some of) the big, important decisions, I seem to be able to come up with an answer easily enough.

Then, I come face to face with small decisions and get stuck. Of course, I must contemplate the really important issues for a while before coming to a conclusion, but I just can’t seem to get past small decisions.

It ranges from choosing between two chip flavors to where to travel to for a day.

Then, sometimes I think I have made the correct choice (whenever that happens, I feel so relieved), but then someone suddenly comes up with another option that I never thought of and I’m stuck (once again) debating whether or not to go with my original answer or the new one.

Even when someone else chooses for me, I still have to think about that choice and usually change my opinion. And then regret it. And change it again. And then regret it again.

Sigh. It’s so frustrating.

Anyone have any advice or is going through the same thing I am?