I, for one, am not very good at holding grudges. In fact, the only real grudge I’ve held was against one person (I don’t want to get into it—it’s a long story). Well, that grudge lasted a year, which is officially the longest grudge I’ve held.

But now, I’ve got two people holding grudges against me.

Here’s the summary of what happened: Two days ago, we got into an argument (I won’t specify on what it was about because looking back it was quite ridiculous). The two of them were on one side while I was on the other.

As it turned out, what I was saying had been correct and what they had been saying was incorrect. I was a bit harsh during the argument, so yes I will admit to that. I was wrong in that aspect. But, they argued back. They could have easily turned away if they did not wish to argue with me. Ultimately, my answer had been the correct one, yet they are both angry at me.

Honestly, I do not know why. I even felt guilt for my harshness during the argument and have tried to be as pleasant as possible to the two of them for the past two days.

Yet, they continue to glare at me. They continue to look at me as if everything is my fault. I do not understand why.

Well, I understand they would be annoyed that during the argument I was quite harsh and blunt, so yes, that aspect makes sense. But, what I had said was true. And, thinking back, I wasn’t that harsh. In fact, if I had been as loud and harsh as they said I had been, the people in our surrounding area would have heard out argument. Yet, when I asked them, none of them knew of an argument. They were very confused as to what I was speaking of.

Therefore, I can only assume they are angry at me for telling them the correct answer… Or at least for correcting them. Which makes no sense. I was only trying to help the group. If we all had the correct information, then we would do well. If we had the incorrect information, we wouldn’t do well. That is solid logic. I wasn’t trying to put them down.

I have tried so hard to be pleasant. I smile. I use a neutral tone. I ask simple questions that require simple answers. Yet, when I smile, when I ask a question, I either get no answer or I get a very clipped, short, not-too-helpful answer.

I shouldn’t care. But I do. Especially since as a group, we must work together a lot.

If I could go back, here is what I would do differently: Instead of starting an argument, I would agree, then write my own answer separately.

So, take it from me. Don’t start an argument. Sometimes it’s better to tell white lies and then just do your own thing. You don’t want to create conflict for a ridiculous reason. Keep the peace and everyone will be happy.

Well. Wish me luck. Perhaps they will be over their grudges by tomorrow…

I hope things get better with time. I dislike when others have ill feelings towards me. I would rather everyone get along, or at least try to get along or even just cooperate with each other. That way no one is truly unhappy.

Grudges are waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you cannot change.