Tilly loved setting up her friends and clients.

Just these past two weeks, she’d set up her friend Margaret with a man from Margaret’s workplace (how Margaret hadn’t known he was interested was beyond her), her friend Karlie with her own cousin (why not), her friend Jake with her hipster friend (they made the most hipster-y couple), and, the most romantic of all, her favorite cousin, Elise, with a guy at the café whom she’d been eyeing for the past three months (she’d thought it appropriate to finally bring the lovebirds together).

Just a few minutes ago, she’d set up a satisfied customer (of course) with a police officer who was looking for a nice, sweet, artsy woman (the exact description of her client).

Tilly clasped her hands together in delight. Ah, another successful match! All of her clients had been satisfied with her services. Though not all couples stayed together, they all came back to tell her that the relationship had not ended badly and they were still friends, which Tilly didn’t mind. At least she’d helped many people gain new friends!

It was Valentine’s Day. Tilly loved Valentine’s Day because this was the day she got the most clients. One would think couples would be spending time together, and yes, they were, but there were many people who wished to begin relationships starting on Valentine’s Day for the extra sentiment and romance.

The bell on the door chimed. Another customer! Tilly looked up from her papers from the last match, only to find her closest friend, Jessica, walking through the entrance.

“Tilly,” Jessica sighed. “Why are you still working?”

“I always work on Valentine’s Day,” Tilly blinked.

“I know,” Jessica frowned. “But you should be out looking for a man yourself instead up setting up others.”

Tilly rolled her eyes. “I don’t need a guy, silly. I just enjoy getting other couples together. It’s absolutely adorable!” At this, she smiled widely and tucked her hands under her chin. “Besides, I’ve got my three adorable kitties. And one sweet pup.”

“Honestly, I don’t understand how they manage to get along so well.” Jessica shook her head. “But really. Why not a guy?”

Tilly shoved her papers into her desk and took a gulp of coffee. They’d been over this before. Many, many, many times. “Because. I’m perfectly happy living with just my pets.”

“You had a boyfriend in college,” Jessica pointed out. She reached over, swiped the coffee cup from Tilly’s hand, took a sip, and made a face. “Ugh. Black coffee.”

“That was ages ago.” Tilly grabbed the coffee back from Jessica. “And if you don’t like black coffee, them don’t steal my coffee next time.”

“No it wasn’t,” Jessica countered. “It was ten years ago.”

“That is ages ago,” Tilly protested. She looked away. “I’ve changed.”

“Fine.” Jessica relented. “But this isn’t over. I’m heading out to hang with my man, and maybe when I get back, I’ll see you with a guy.”

“In your dreams,” Tilly snorted.

As Tilly watched Jessica’s retreating figure, she thought, Maybe I just don’t want to be with a guy.


Hehe, twist! 😉

Hope you enjoyed that story!

Bonus: 2 Alternative endings! 

Alternative ending #1:

After a few minutes passed, the bell chimed again. Without looking up, Tilly groaned and said, “Jessica. I am not looking for a guy. End of story.”

“Not even me?” came a male voice.

Tilly looked up and found herself staring into familiar grey eyes flecked with violet (a phenomenon she’d never understood) that had once nearly made her heart burst with happiness, but had also shattered her heart into pieces.

And, for those of you crazy cat (or dog) ladies (and men) out there 🙂 :

Tilly lifted her chin and harrumphed. I’m perfectly happy to be a cat (and dog) lady for the rest of my life! Animals are way better than humans. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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