“Why are you always so serious, Mr. Serious?” said Cindy.

“Because seriousness is what gets me through life,” said Mr. Serious.

“Why is that?” said Cindy.

“Because jokes do not do anything. Being serious does.”

“Yes they do,” said Cindy. “They diffuse your seriousness.”

“There is no need for diffusing seriousness,” said Mr. Serious.

“Yes there is,” said Cindy. “Sirius Black wasn’t serious. See?”

“Your attempt at a joke did nothing,” said Mr. Serious.

“That’s just because you’re so serious all the time!” said Cindy.

“That is the point,” said Mr. Serious.

“You’re no fun,” said Cindy.

“That’s the point,” said Mr. Serious.

“Why?” said Cindy.

“So you will go away.”