That moment where you’re trying to hang up and your phone suddenly decides to stop working. 

Sigh. My phone has been “glitching” for a few months now.

One day, I tried to tap on the screen, and nothing happened. That was when my worst (phone) nightmare was realized. The worst thing that can happen with a touch-screen phone is if the touch-screen stops working.

At the time, I began panicking. I was thinking: I’ve got to fix it! But, being the lazy person I am, I never brought it in to the store to fix it.

Instead, I managed. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn’t. So, I took advantage of the working times and did everything I could before my phone started glitching.

Then, out of no where, my phone started working again. It went back to normal for about a month and a half before deciding today: “Hm… I have been working for too long. Better start glitching out.”

And, of course, my phone chose to do this while I was trying to end a phone call with a friend. I repeatedly tapped the end-call button to no avail.

So, now, I’m just waiting for it to start working again. I know it will work. Or, at least I think so.

Yes, yes, I know. I really should bring it to the shop. Or exchange it for a new phone. I will.