Dear ten-year-old me, 

First things first: Never stop dreaming. 

You might lose sight of dreams in the future, stuck in reality. Reality is the truth, but dreams come true too.

Now. On to the less serious topics.

I really had time for reading back then, didn’t I? Read a book a day. I was also quite the hogger, huh? Always stacking up a bunch of books in my cubby, saving them because I thought they were precious. Then, in the end, I never finished them because I saved them for too long.

Did you know your teacher is married now and even has kids? Called her boyfriend “Science Buddy.” As if. Everyone knew they were dating. I don’t know why she even bothered pretending. Maybe you should just confront her (I know you won’t though—definitely way too shy for that.)

Ah, the memories. I don’t know when you’ll receive this letter, but has the class dressed up as Science Buddy yet? If not, fair warning: on April Fool’s Day, one of the other teachers will make us wear stickers that say Science Buddy. A long line of Science Buddies. Just imagine.

Also, BE IN THE SCHOOL PLAY. Go for it in middle school! Or else you’ll regret it.

I can’t help but wonder: If I had grabbed the opportunity and been in the school plays, would I have been an actress by now?

Ha. In my dreams. Really. Still—keep dreaming. Maybe one day I will become an actress (cheer me on 🙂 )

If you want advice on school, then STOP PROCRASTINATING.

That’s it. Too bad I don’t remember much else.

Well, maybe you could tell our teacher congrats on her marriage. I wish I could see her expression then.

Wait, on second thought, don’t do that. You might mess things up. (You’re good at that—in the future too.)

Take my advice. I know you’re stubborn, but maybe you’ll listen to yourself.

Also, love life. Be happy. Appreciate things. Enjoy being a kid. ❤

Lots of love and luck,

Your Future Self