“Ah! I got it!” said Cindy.

“Got what?” said Witch #1.

“A portal!” said Cindy.

“A portal where?” said Witch #2.

“A portal in my pocket!” said Cindy.

A portal in your pocket?” said an incredulous Witch #3.

“Yes!” said Cindy.

“Don’t leave us!” said Witch #1.

“I won’t!” said Cindy. “I promise I will come back for you.”

Cindy was a very nice person (according to herself).

And with that, she flashed away through the portal.

“Do you think she’s actually coming back for us?” said Witch #2.

“No,” said Witch #3, who could see the future.

Cindy was also liar (also according to herself).

This was partially inspired by Little Fears, so be sure to go and check the website out! The flash fiction stories are short and hilarious. 

This was also my first try at writing flash fiction with mostly dialogue, so tell me what you think! (I know it’s not perfect.)