One of my close childhood friends got cancer at a very young age.

My friend’s family was devastated, and so was I.

What hit me the hardest was how sudden it was. One day, we were laughing, talking, running around together, and the next, Strong (that’s what we’re calling my friend) couldn’t walk for a long period time because of dizziness.

It turns out Strong had brain cancer. Strong had a tumor.

Immediately, Strong was whisked off to get chemotherapy.

Though I was incredibly sad about the events that had occurred in such a short period of time, I can’t imagine how devastated Strong’s family had felt.

When Strong came back from chemotherapy, Strong had no hair left. That’s what the chemotherapy did. Fortunately though, the chemotherapy was successful.

Now, Strong is back and better than ever. But, what had happened will always linger. Cancer has changed Strong, Strong’s family, and all of Strong’s friends, including me.

It has reminded me that life is short, and we never know what will happen.

So, appreciate life and appreciate the people who you love and who love you.

Because—you never know when those things will be taken away.