I am currently suffering through writer’s block. And it’s terrible.

Usually I have ideas for stories popping up in my head all the time, then all I have to do is write them now or type them up and the stories just flow.

Now, even if an idea pops into my head (which is, very unfortunately, rare nowadays), whenever I try putting pen to paper or typing up my ideas, nothing comes. Sure, I can force out a few lines, but it doesn’t sound natural. It doesn’t sound like my usual writing.

Even with my poems. Normally my poems just come out naturally and the ideas keep coming, but now I’m stuck. All I seem to be able to come up with is list poems.

I mean, today I posted a poem, and I this time itย wasย actually on a whim, so I’m hopeful that I’m finally getting through my writer’s block. It actually flowed well, I actually liked it.

But, my stories seem to still be stuck inside my head, unable to come out.

Anyone have any advice?ย