On the internet, we share photos and post them. On popular social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we can easily snap a picture and post it.

It’s as if we’re documenting our lives through apps.

Yes, it is interesting to learn about others’ lives through social media, but sometimes sharing every moment of every day is not the best idea.

There is no more privacy. You are exposed. Out there for everyone to see.

It would be so simple for a stalker to find you. I wonder—do people who constantly post on social media even realize that?

I know someone who loves to post literally every second of every day.

I went on a trip with S (that’s what we’re calling that person), and before I’d gone on that trip, I’d had no idea S liked to post so much. S adores Snapchat; it is incredibly easy to use.

The first time S took a photo, I looked up and was shocked to see the phone camera aimed at me as well. I immediately told S I didn’t want to be in the picture. I was not trying to be mean or snobby in any way—I just didn’t want to be put out there.

So, S was very nice and understanding and after that, S didn’t take photos with me in them (at least the ones with me in them were not posted).

But, it concerned me how much S posted. Here is a reenactment of sorts of S’s posts:

Snap 1: (Insert photo here) Caption: In the car, heading to (insert city here)!

Snap 2: (Insert photo here) Caption: Walking on (insert street here), going inside (insert building here)! 

Snap 3: (Insert photo here) Caption: Inside (insert building here), at a meet-and-greet! 

Snap 4: (Insert photo here) Caption: Leaving (insert building here), heading to (insert restaurant here)! 

Snap 5: (Insert photo here) Caption: Just finished lunch! Now at (insert café here) for some dessert! 

Snap 6: (Insert photo here) Caption: Finished dessert, on the way to a concert in (insert city here)! 

Snap 7: (Insert photo here) Caption: Arrived at (insert building here)! Going inside! 

Snap 8: (Insert photo here) Caption: At the concert! 

Snap 9: (Insert photo here) Caption: Leaving concert! Heading back home! 

Snap 10: (Insert photo here) Caption: In the car, on the way back!

Do you see why I was worried?

Of course, I’m not saying the internet and social media are terrible things. In fact, they are great. You get to share thoughts, ideas, and learn a few new interesting things. That’s why I have a blog.

Sometimes if you’re somewhere and you see something fascinating or beautiful, obviously you would want to post a pic of it. That’s totally normal. would do that. You want to share things.

Sometimes viewing someone else’s positive posts makes you feel better.

That’s partially why I love blogging (that, and I love sharing my thoughts).

So, social media and the internet are not awful. What I’m trying to say is that an excessive amount of posting on social media is not good.

Everyone needs privacy.