I, unfortunately, am a quite impatient person.

Oddly enough though, I enjoy “tutoring” or helping younger students.

I recently began tutoring a young student in English, or Language Arts. It started out well. We got along, and I was able to help P (we’re going to call the student P for now) a lot.

But, we’d only been working on grammar for a while, so I had no idea how P’s writing was. I was aware that P tended to write run-on sentences and had a problem with using too many commas, so I thought I was prepared.

The key word is thought. 

I suppose P could have been having a bad week, so I’m not placing any blame. P really is normally a really sweet kid.

Still, when I tried to explain to P what needed to be edited in the essay, P seemed to not be paying any attention. P wandered around the place and kept looking out the window.

I kept trying to speak to P, but even when I got P to actually sit down, P’s attention still was elsewhere.

So, I kind of gave up on editing and told P to just continue the essay.

This is where my impatience comes in.

I was already, to be honest, a bit irritated that P wasn’t listening, so when P started typing using only the index fingers (which is an incredibly excruciating progress), that’s when I knew I was definitely lacking the patience for tutoring.

Of course, I still was nice and tried to help in any way I could. I would never be rude and actually show my annoyance.

It’s not P’s fault.

Bad days occur too.

Perhaps I’m just not fit for tutoring or teaching.

Have this happened to you guys before?