Has there ever been someone you met and immediately felt something off about them? Not off as in creepy, but off as in you know you wouldn’t like them.

Well, that happened to me. I’m going to call the person K for now.

I’m sure K is totally fine and not a bad person, but I just don’t like K. I suppose you could say we don’t click. Our personalities certainly don’t match.

Every time we have any sort of conversation, it’s incredibly awkward. Plus, my friends all seem to disappear at those moments. Thanks guys.

I feel as though K tries too hard. K tells many jokes, but, unfortunately, they all seem to fall flat. Perhaps if K were more “real,” I would like K better.

I mean no offense. I see that K does have his own friends. Perhaps we just aren’t fit to be friends.

We can’t be friends with everyone, right?

Have you ever experienced this?