When I thought of uneven, I interpreted it as rocky.

And when I thought of rocky, sadly, I thought of one of my friends.

Now, I’m going to start by saying I trust you guys enough to tell you this. And, maybe you can offer some advice.

Note: I’m going to call my friend C for the sake of anonymity.

Our friendship isn’t exactly rocky. Just… Inconsistent. If you get what I mean. It’s not that we hate each other. We don’t argue too much. In fact, we’re really nice to each other most of the time. The thing is, we were best friends in elementary school. We were inseparable. We were so attached to the hip that our teachers gave us adorable nicknames.

Then, as we got older, we started growing apart. I got new friends. And so did C. But, whenever we were together, sometimes little things C did would make me feel annoyed. And I feel bad about that. Of course, I’m sure C gets frustrated by little things I do sometimes, too.

It’s normal to grow apart. Everyone changes. But, I feel so guilty because C’s always inviting me to different places.

I know I shouldn’t feel bad because sometimes I’m glad C’s my friend. We help each other a lot. I enjoy the company.

We’re still friends. Just a lot less close than before.

What would you do?