Ah, Melbourne. I loved it there.

I stayed at a lovely hotel that was delightfully Victorian—which makes sense, as it was built in 1883. Its grand staircase was so beautiful.


I actually walked down the stairs instead of taking an elevator once. We weren’t on the highest floor, so it wasn’t too much work to get down, but even if I were at the top, I still would’ve gone down the stairs, just for the experience.

Now, on to the places I visited there. First, I visited Great Ocean Road, which was stunning. (Note: It wasn’t exactly in Melbourne. It stretched along the ocean, hence its name, so obviously it went into different areas.)


It was almost like looking at a painting. When we were driving along the road, all we could see was the vast, clear, turquoise blue ocean. It was as if we were at the edge of Earth.

Then, I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens. There were so many different species of plants there—many of which I’d never seen before! If you’re visiting Melbourne, definitely visit the gardens.

Finally, I visited the Queen Victoria Market. There were so many small, quaint shops and stands there with nice and intricate trinkets. There were even places to eat. (Just don’t go when it’s summertime there—it was so hot because there was no air conditioning, and I went during winter!)

Now, a place I visited that wasn’t in Melbourne was Philip Island. But, I just had to include that here. We visited the penguins there. They were so tiny and adorable! I felt so bad (yet still thought they were cute) when I saw them waddling to their tiny homes (some waddled/walked more than 2 kilometers on the beach).


Maybe you can’t tell through the picture, but they really were so small.😊

You must visit Melbourne!