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January 10, 2017

Sometimes Friends

When I thought of uneven, I interpreted it as rocky. And when I thought of rocky, sadly, I thought of one of my friends. Now, I'm going to start by saying I trust you guys enough to tell you this. And,... Continue Reading →

I’m Fine

That's what everyone says. It's as if we're on auto-pilot. How are you? I'm fine. How is everything? Good. Is everything okay? Yes. Never: How are you? I'm not okay. How is everything? Not great. Is everything okay? No. We are afraid to tell people how... Continue Reading →

Melbourne, Australia

Ah, Melbourne. I loved it there. I stayed at a lovely hotel that was delightfully Victorian—which makes sense, as it was built in 1883. Its grand staircase was so beautiful. I actually walked down the stairs instead of taking an... Continue Reading →


Is it odd that the first thing I thought of when I saw the word shine was "shine bright like a diamond" from Rihanna's song? Perhaps that song was about two lovers (I'm not entirely sure), but I interpret that... Continue Reading →

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