Where do I start? There were so many aspects of Australia that I loved, yet a few that I wasn’t a big fan of, to say the least.

Over the summer, I visited Sydney and Melbourne. They were both lovely places, though I’d have to say I liked Melbourne better. In this post, I will be writing about Sydney. In my next one, I’ll write about Melbourne.

We’ll start with the positives. I thought Sydney Harbour (I’m not Australian, but I might as well spell it their way because I’m writing about their country) was gorgeous. Going on the ferry and being able to look at the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, practically glowing under the sun, with the water glistening, was a wonderful experience. The city was surrounding us on all sides, adding to the already scenic landscape.

Now, let’s get to the negatives. It was freezing there. I can say with absolute certainty that our winters are much colder than Australia’s winters, but at least we have heating. We stayed with a friend, so perhaps it was just her house, but it had no heating. We literally wore winter jackets whenever we were inside. When we went to bed at night, we had to wear sweaters. (If you’re Australian, do you have heating? Perhaps it was just our friend’s house.)

It was also hard to pick the right clothing. From my experience, I would say just wear a lot of layers. In my country, we wear a shirt, a sweater, and a winter coat, or just a sweater and winter coat. Simple. In Australia, I had to first put on a t-shirt, then a thin sweater, then an outer sweater, then the jacket. It’s really warm during the day, even when it’s winter, so I had to take off my jacket and outer sweater in the morning, then remove my thin sweater in the middle of the day because it was so hot. Then, at night, it got cold again, so I had to put all the layers back on. (If you’re Australian, what do you guys do? I’m sure your process is much simpler.)

This is just my experience, so if you’ve had a different, warmer experience, be sure to let me know. 🙂

Still, Sydney was a fantastic city, so it’s a place I totally recommend visiting!