Is human life infinite? Some may say yes. Others would say no. I’m not sure. The earth will one day explode, taking the human race with it. Unless we find a way to live on another planet (which may be true by that time).

But, time is infinite. It goes on, with or without humans. With or without life. And, as many of us think, the universe is infinite. It never ends, and we will never be able to discover everything in it.

Some people even want to live forever. They want their lives to be infinite. And, I won’t lie, I’ve wondered what it it’s like to be immortal before. To be able to see the world change for the better and for the worse. To see people change, adapt to a new era. But, would it be worth it? To live through all the terrible things that are bound to occur—to carry the burden of years past.

What does the word “infinite” mean to you?

via Daily Prompt: Infinite