Have you ever walked into a room and felt a certain emotion? I have.

Usually I get positive vibes from a room’s atmosphere, but sometimes I don’t. At all. For example, the lovely—*cough* sarcasm *cough*—gym at a school I visited. Now, don’t get me wrong. I thought the rest of the school was great. I liked the “old-timey” feel it gave off. The problem was, as soon as I walked into the gym, everything felt wrong. I hated that gym with a passion. Maybe it was the colors of the bleachers (they were pretty awful, though—bright yellow), or maybe it was where the rock climbing wall was located. I’m not sure.

Then, there was my middle school Social Studies teacher. I won’t say her name, but her room was terrible. As soon as I walked in, I knew it wasn’t going to be a fun class. And it really wasn’t. Even the vibe the room gave off told me the class would be boring. Of course, she was the one who decorated it, so I shouldn’t be surprised. (No offense to her—I did learn something in her class.)

For some reason, I loved all my Language Arts teacher’s rooms. I felt like they were warm and homey, if that makes any sense. But, that’s probably just because I love books and reading so much.

Even the atmosphere of this blog matters.

When have you been affected by the atmosphere of a room or place?